Quality-monitored lava for road and path construction, landscaping,
sports grounds and playground construction, etc.
Basalt products
Basalt, basalit, basalt sand and high-quality chippings for road and path construction,
with test certificates for frost protection, ballast support layers, etc.
50 articulated and 1 tandem truck, aluminium and steel tippers for all types of bulk material transports,
silo transports, ship loading, waste transport permit, etc.
Quality substrates for single and multi-layer, extensive and intensive greening,
for tree planting and roadside greenery, etc.

Stolz products

All Stolz products are subject to the same process during extraction and production, consisting of:

Drilling, blasting, breaking,
sieving and grading

These processes have been continuously refined over the decades in the Stolz plants.

The results are environmentally-friendly prices, environmental compatibility and protection of resources.

The Stolz company is RAL-listed and monitored. All products are also monitored according to the latest directives.

If you have any questions about quality assurance, the Stolz team will be glad to answer them.